Small atmospheric and unique survival game made with Unity3D for the Global GameJam 2019.

The theme of the GGJ 2019 was: What home means to you

The prototype has been developed with a small team of 6 persons, including 2 programmers, 1 game designer & 3 artists. Our team, called JAMKIS, was part of the second season of JamNation.

The game brings you in an ancestral adventure where you play the role of an Inuit tasked to finish the construction of your igloo on time while maintaining your family alive and warm. They will ask you periodically for supply items such as wood or meat.
You have to find the items on the map to build your igloo and to provide the requested items on time! If you don’t manage to bring the items to your family within 30 seconds, they will perish. But beware, the wind is strong out here in the north!

Play it here!