The Lost Treasure 3D


Built for an assignment in my course of Introduction to Game Development at Concordia University.

This project is the 3D version and implementation of the first assignment in 2D: The Lost Treasure 2D

I did not design the mechanics as the game features were imposed.

The goal of the game is to collect as much gold as possible from the bottom of the sea and bring it back to your boat to score as many points as possible.

3 different gold collectible worth different amounts can be picked up, but you only have 3 available slots in your backpack. The more gold value you carry with you, the harder it gets to swim back to the surface.

Some powerups will appear and fall randomly which temporarily puts the player in a mode where the weight of his back has no effects anymore, and he can swim in a linear motion rather than swimming with delayed impulses like normal.

For the 3D version, when the player or an enemy hits one side of the bounding cube, it is teleported on the other extremity to loop position.

Keep an eye on your oxygen level and collect as much gold as possible!